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OpenELEC RPi Config

Unofficial Raspberry Pi configuration add-on for OpenELEC

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With this add-on you can edit the Raspberry Pi system configuration parameters in /flash/config.txt from the Kodi gui.


  1. Install my repository from

    One way to do this is to login via ssh and run
    wget -O
    Then install from zip.

  2. Install OpenELEC RPi Config from Leopold's Add-ons under Services.

By installing this way you ensure that the add-on is kept up-to-date as I push out updates to the repository.

Here is the latest changelog.


Custom overclocking screenshot


Currently only a subset of all possible properties can be configured. The complete list is shown below.





For more information see

Reporting Issues

If you get a script error or other problem please raise an issue. If you can reproduce the problem then please include a debug log, by following these steps: